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Full Body Workout for Beginners

“THE BIG FOUR” muscle building moves: Dips, Pull Ups, Ring Push Ups and Body Weight Rows. These are the absolute, hands down, #1 very best muscle building exercises you could ever do. This Beginner Workout gives you entry level access to these awesome exercises. Start here and in a just a couple weeks you’ll be ready to move up. You will quickly build strength and progress to the more challenging workouts.

Progressive Resistance: These are the entry level versions of "THE BIG FOUR" exercises. If any of the entry level BIG FOUR exercises are not challenging enough (you can easily do more than 12 repetitions), choose a more difficult version from one of our other workouts. To learn more about Progressive Resistance read Rapid Development of Lean Muscle.

You will also begin our unique lower body and core workout. We call this group of exercises Speed and Agility. The benefits of these exercises are a slim waist line, better posture, great looking legs and improved athleticism. They are designed to develop Dynamic Strength and Flexibility in your lower abdominals, hip flexors, glutes and hamstrings. For this reason you should treat these exercises different than "THE BIG FOUR". Do between 10-20 repetitions of the lower body exercises while focusing specifically on your form and posture.
Workout Summary

Exercises: 9
Repetitions: THE BIG FOUR 8-12, Lower Body 10-20
Sets: 2-3
Frequency: Every Other Day

Exercise List

1. Stationary March
2. Modified Pull up
3. Squat
4. Assisted Dip
5. Windmill
6. Body Weight Row
7. Hip Abduction
8. Bent Knee Push Up
9. Donkey Kick