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Every Home Needs a Mounted Pull Up Bar

We have long removed the real toil from daily life that activates the metabolism and keeps us ahead of our calorie intake and as a result, families struggle to keep in shape. After all, when was the last time you had to chase down a rabbit and chop wood to make a meal? At the same time, fitness has come a long way and it's easier then ever to be healthy and fit for whatever activities you like to do.

Once we accept that fitness is needed in every home, the place to start is with the single best bodyweight exercise, the pull up. With assisted variations, all skill levels can do full pull up sets and progress to full pull ups. Pull ups build muscle and functional strength across the upper body, back and core and by activating multiple large muscle groups simultaneously. Pull ups go one step further and supercharge the metabolism. Even very brief workouts with pull ups in any variation can keep you ahead of your calorie intake and rapidly build lean muscle for results that satisfy any fitness goal.  Most importantly, pull ups keep you ready to enjoy daily activities without limits.

And there is a difference in having fitness available to you at any hour of the day always set up and ready to go in your home. Unlike the gym, where fitness must happen on a schedule or be missed, the mounted pull up bar enables you to add in something every day. Daily progress preserves your best efforts from longer workouts and active recreation and shifts your physique from a moving target of gains and losses to a constant state of fit. Which is how your ancestors lived for eons and how your body still needs to work today.

The mounted pull up bar facilitates daily fitness in a few key ways.

The Challenge: 

Pull ups are fun because the challenge is very real. Your starting point is your own but with every workout your abilities improve and gains are never lost when you workout daily. Whether you are working up to your first pull up or you are working to increase you count in new grip positions, pull up exercises build results and rapidly become a passion.

Workout when you need to: 

Even busy days have a few moments of 'wait' after a hurry up. The mounted pull up bar is always ready for you to grab a few quick reps and leave you feeling charged up for whatever you have happening next. Catching small workouts on busy days also keeps you in top form for your next full workout.

Pull Ups keep your Metabolism ahead of your calorie intake:

There's no better evidence of how far we have come in the last 100 years then to step inside a market and experience the spectrum of foods on offer. It's all to easy to consume too much – even when the choices are healthy ones. With open access to your pull up bar, a few quick reps will activate your metabolism and turn an overabundance of calories into an abundance of energy.

It's not all about the gear but it is about the right gear:

Pull ups benefit from focus. When you have total confidence in your bar, you are free to center your thoughts on form and repetitions and dialing in the right workout for right now. When your gear disappears from your awareness you are also free to explore the mind – body – spirit connection on your own terms. Fitness in the home can exceed your expectations.

Rewards your Commitment:

Nothing says commitment like bolting a pull up bar to the wall of your home. It's a definitive statement that you recognize your body's need for activity. That affirmation is present every time you see your bar or walk past your home gym. When you have the chemistry right, you get back more then what you put in and that's when commitment materializes real results.