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How to Select and Mount a Pull Up Bar

A mounted pull up bar turns any room into a premium home gym. Always on hand and ready to go, the stability and comfort of a mounted pull up bar inspires frequent workouts and better results for the entire family. Add a suspension trainer and a mounted bar becomes the anchor for new movements and assisted exercises so even beginners can get incredible results right at home. It all starts with a simple mounting process.

A Primer on Home Framing

Most homes have walls built with drywall over top of wood studs spaced every 16 inches apart. Similarly, the ceilings typically have joist spacing of 16 inches if there are additional floors above and 24 inch spacing if the room is on the top floor of the home. Ultimate Body Press has a mounted pull up bar to fit each of these applications and they can be easily installed in about 30 minutes.

Locating Studs and Joists

The best place to start is to get an understanding of your wall stud or ceiling joist spacing. Drywall is attached to the studs with metal screws that can be located with an electronic stud finder or a magnet off your fridge. Electronic stud finders work well, are inexpensive, and often include lit indicators to help you zero in on the absolute center of the stud. Make some small pencil marks as you locate each stud and use your tape measure to identify your stud-spacing measurements. With just a few minutes spent locating your studs, you will be able to take a step back and assess your placement options.

Choose the Bar that Suits your Needs

Ultimate Body Press offers wall and ceiling mount bars designed to fit standard framing applications. If you have a smaller space and are looking for a compact bar, the Wall Mount Pull Up Bar is a perfect fit and is sized for 16” studs. The Wall Mount selection expands from there to a line of 48” wide bars that offer increased wall clearance for improved range of motion. All 48” wide bars will fit both 16 inch and 24 inch stud spacing.

Similarly, Ultimate Body Press ceiling mount bars start with the Ceiling Mount Bar with reversible risers that fits both 16” and 24” joists. The ceiling mount bar line expands from there with several 48 inch wide bars that are sized for 8 and 9 foot ceiling heights. All Ultimate Body Press ceiling mount bars fit both 16 inch and 24 inch joist spacing.

In addition, Ultimate Body Press offers joist mount pull up bars that through bolt to your exposed beams or joists as well as the doorway mounted bar that bolts to the king studs that flank doorways. If you are trying to decide on wall or ceiling mount for your home gym, you may find that a ceiling bar opens up your placement options away from the wall and offers the maximum freedom of movement for expanded exercises. Be sure to consider open floor space beneath the bar for stretching and full range of motion bodyweight exercises..

Wall mount bars are excellent in any gym and are slightly easier to mount so take your time and explore what option best suits the layout of your home gym. Once you've selected your mounted bar, you can place your order with complete confidence. All mounted bars come with our satisfaction guarantee so if you get your new mounted bar home and simply decide you want something else you can return it for a full refund. Your satisfaction is our number one concern.

Required Tools

All mounted bars include heavy duty hardware and complete mounting instructions specific to each bar. To complete your installation you'll need:
Power Drill
5/16ths inch drill bit
a socket adapter for the drill
17mm Socket
17mm Wrench
Level, Pencil, and Tape

Easy Mounting

Typical installation involves holding a mounting template against the wall, checking for level, marking the location of the mounting holes and drilling full size pilot holes for the included hardware. One expert tip: full size pilot holes are required for easy installation and prevent damage to the mounting hardware. Detailed instructions are provided with each bar and you'll soon be checking each bolt is fully tight and inspecting your work before the first use. Licensed contractors are available in your area and might charge $50 - $100 should you prefer to have a professional complete your install

Your total impact to your home will be four holes that are easily filled with putty should you ever need to relocate your bar. With your bar freshly mounted, it's time to explore our free online workouts and recognize that you have given yourself access to an entirely new level of fitness in your home gym.

Your First Workouts

Be sure to take it easy at first and let your body come up to speed on new exercises slowly. Consider adding workout accessories link gymnastic rings and ab straps if you are new to pull ups and always check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise program. Remember to contact service if you have any questions or concerns.