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5. Choose To Be More Active Whenever Possible

Use Your New Strength Everyday as a Launching Pad to a More Active and Successful Life.

Take one typically sedentary time in your daily routine (we ALL have them) and replace it with an activity. It may be a time when you watch 3 sitcoms in a row or you veg out on facebook during lunch. Get up and move. Go outside, explore your new strengths and the world around you.

Try something new like swimming, biking or volunteering. Take a walking in the park, go running, shoot some hoops or go play soccer, anything! Join a sports team, take a dance class, go hiking with friends. This simple simple act of substitution can open up a world of opportunities.

If you need help finding an activity to participate in, contact your local community center. They have a wealth of classes and sports leagues you can participate in. They are very affordable and these classes are also an excellent way to meet people who share your interests.