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4. Get Fit in Short Bursts of Exercise

Building Your Ultimate Body Takes Just 60 Minutes a Week.

Ultimate Body Press workouts are a series of 6-9 exercises. The exercise series or "set" is repeated 2-4 times. These are great muscle building workouts that typically last between 20 - 40 minutes. Do this workout every other day and within just two weeks you will begin to see the workouts take effect.

You will start to loose fat all over your body revealing the lean muscle underneath. What is even more exciting is that if you continue to workout at least 20 minutes every other day, the results will begin to accelerate. Between weeks 2 and 6 of this workout plan is when the fun really begins because as you add more and more muscle you will burn fat even more quickly.

People will start commenting on your progress and you will probably notice that you are getting more attention from the opposite sex. It only takes 60 minutes a week for four weeks to significantly reduce your body fat by adding muscle. You will look better, feel more confident and people will notice.

This workout plan is even easier and more convenient than you think because you don’t even have to do all the sets at the same time. You can space the sets through out the day and you will get the same results. You could do one set in the morning, one at lunch and one at night. Or two in the morning and one at night. Whatever fits your schedule best.

If you are feeling strong and you've got 40 minutes to spare, go for full 4 set workout.

Example Workout

Repetitions: BIG FOUR:8-12, Lower Body: 10-20
Sets: 2-4
Frequency: Every Other Day

1. Ring Push Ups
2. Body Weight Rows
3. Squats
4. Dips
5. Pull Ups
6. Resistance Knee Raises