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3. Resistance Training with Speed and Agility

knee raises with resistance bands
Our Speed and Agility exercises are designed to develop Dynamic Strength and Flexibility in your lower abdominals, hip flexors, glutes and hamstrings. Within just a few workouts you will notice a new sense of strength and mobility in your legs and core.

Blending muscle building resistance exercises with professional quality speed and agility moves also helps you build more muscle. It gives your workouts a much better flow so you can take full advantage of "THE BIG FOUR" muscle building exercises.

Here is why: After an intense muscle building exercise your muscles need time to replenish their energy stores. This takes between 1-3 minutes, but instead of sitting around while your muscles recover, you move on to a speed and agility exercise that focuses on a different muscle group, naturally giving your body enough time to recover. And since you are always moving from one exercise to another the workouts are more enjoyable and go by very quickly.

The second major benefit of focusing on speed and agility is that you’ll also be fine-tuning your physique into the perfect athlete’s body with excellent core strength and flexibility, great balance and lean muscle from head to toe. You will learn the secret of why all great athletes have excellent posture. You do not have to be an athlete to benefit from this, but if do play sports, our workouts can really payoff.

Within just a few weeks of starting the program, you will begin to see visible muscle definition all over your body, while at the same time noticing changes in the way you move and in your athletic ability. We like to call it the off season breakthrough. It’s how you go from being an average athlete to an exceptional one.